Living in Cyprus: Fruit Loaf & Currant Buns

image of currantsI have few passions apart from writing, but the most predominant is growing fruit. Since we arrived in Cyprus I’ve managed to grow oranges, lemons, nectarines, grapes and tomatoes — yes, it is a fruit! Next year I’ll be adding cherries, plums, apples and figs.

With this little venture, and it is little as I’ve not got that many fruiting trees and bushes, offers a sideline into my part-time hobby of bread making.

I’ve managed to grow a lot of sweet white grapes from one vine (the others are either resting or on strike) and in so doing I’ve had spare capacity (okay, I ate the rest) which I’ve allowed to dry out to form currants. So tomorrow I’m making one of my wife’s favorites, fruit loaf. I sometimes cheat with fruit loaf and use a bread-maker, which is what I’ll do tomorrow, but because I’ve got extra fruit I may make some currant buns or even currant scones – that will be a first.

One thing I have discovered this year, currants are controversial. Some people say true currants are derived from dried red or black berries, while others insist they are dried small sweet grapes. As I don’t have any berries, my currants are from grapes and I’m sure my wife will never notice as it’s she who eats my fruit loaf. No, I’m not a fan of fruit loaf, I like to each my gapes straight off the vine. Which probably explains why my blood sugars are up and I’m getting fat. Well, you’ve gotta go sometime so enjoy it while you can.

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